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The responsible owner of this web www.lopezmatencio.com is Lopez Matencio, S. A., domiciled in C/Juan de la Cierva, Parcela 27-1c, Polígono Industrial Oeste. CP: 30169 San Ginés, Murcia. Spain. CIF: A30066328. Tel.: + 34 968 88 26 96. E-mail: info@lopezmatencio.com. López Matencio S.A. is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Murcia: Book 237, SECC. 3 ª, Folio 85, sheet N º 4615.

Attending to communications from users and/or interested in the following email address info@lopezmatencio.com


User is anyone who accesses the web, use or not the content or information it arranged.

The user expressly declares and accepts that the access to the Web implies in full its extension the unequivocal commitment of fulfillment of each and each one of the general conditions of mere access and use of any of the contents facilitated and/or rendered On the web. In any case, if the user does not understand or assume the fulfillment of all or part of the aforementioned general conditions will not have access or use the Web and/or the contents arranged and/or lent through it. Consequently, the user must carefully read this Legal notice and privacy policy on each of the occasions in which he proposes to use the web, as it may undergo modifications.

In the event that any doubt may arise from the reading of the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact the owner of the website at the address indicated above of the person responsible.


The owner of the website, through this, makes available to the user access to a series of contents and information that can be provided by the owner or by third parties.

LOPEZ MATENCIO reserves the right to limit, interrupt and suspend access to the Web or the use of all or some of its contents or information at any time. Also, the holder reserves the right to, at any time, be able to modify the location on the web of the contents that it has, as well as the configuration of the own contents or information and the access to them, and even the "look and feel".


3.1. ACCESS AND GENERAL USE OF THE WEB MADE BY A USER. The user expressly and unequivocally accepts that the access and use of the web does not imply any type of guarantee, to which expressly it is waived by the proprietor, with respect to the suitability of the contents included in the same ones for particular purposes or User-specific. Consequently, both the access to the web and the use of the contents and information is carried out under the exclusive responsibility of the user, and the holder will not answer in any case and in any measure, neither for direct or indirect damages, nor for consequential damage Nor for loss of profits, for any damages arising from the use of the contents or the conclusions that the user himself extracts from the use of the same.

The user expressly and unequivocally accepts that the holder may at any time establish additional conditions or restrictions for access to the web and for the use of the contents, the observance of which shall be immediately complied with by the user.

3.2. AUTHORIZED USE OF THE WEB AND THE CONTENTS. The user consents expressly and unequivocally that will make an access to the web and, where appropriate, use of the same one and of the contents in it arranged according to the present general conditions, the particular conditions that in his case can be available for Each content, as well as other applicable legislation, to good uses and customs, to good faith and public order. In any case, and with a purely enunciative nature, the user agrees to:

A) not to make access to or uses of the Web or its contents, not allowed or contrary to the object of the Web and the normative framework that regulates it. Thus, the user must not make or attempt to make access or use of content and/or restricted areas if in the future they have the web without the proper authorization for it. In addition, the user must make such access and use the restricted areas using the procedures and tools that the website has established for it, without in any case fit, is the user authorized or not for access and use of areas and contents Restricted, the use of any procedures, means or computer tools that intend to obviate the security and identification measures arranged by LOPEZ MATENCIO or by third parties.

B. Access and/or use the Web and/or the contents within the principles and purposes for which they were created and made available to the user, also respecting the format of making available and the general conditions here arranged. In order to comply with these principles and purposes, the user, with a enunciative and non-limiting nature, undertakes to: B. 1) not to carry out or attempt to carry out actions that lead to or may lead to damages in a direct or indirect manner, in general, on The web and the contents or information in it, and with special character, on the rights of the proprietor or of any third party, is user or supplier of the web; B. 2) not to make or attempt to perform actions that affect, either, among others, modifying, manipulating or deleting references or formats of references or mentions on the protection of intellectual or industrial property rights of the holder or of Third parties, both of the web itself and of the content contained therein and other elements that compose it; B. 3) Do not perform actions that damage or damage the systems of the holder or third parties, or that in their case affect or may affect the normal development of the object of the Web. These actions include the introduction of computer viruses in the systems of the holder, users or any third party that affect or may affect in some way to the web, as well as the actions aimed at the dissemination of such viruses in The web as in the Web.

c) The user shall be liable for all damages, of any nature, that the proprietor, any other user or a third party may suffer as a result of the misuse of the website or the contents contained therein. They shall also be liable for any amount that the holder must make effective as a result of an administrative decision, a firm judgment or a transactional agreement aimed at redressing third parties of the damage caused for the same reason.

3.3. THE CONTENTS: The user expressly and unequivocally declares that he undertakes not to reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, transform or modify the contents, unless Has the authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or this is legally permissible, as well as not to violate or to try to break the protective devices or any information mechanisms that can be inserted in the contents For example to the protection of the intellectual or industrial property of the same.

The user agrees not to obtain or attempt to obtain the contents using means or procedures other than those which, according to the cases, have been made available to this effect or have been expressly indicated on the Web pages where they are located The contents or, in general, of which they are habitually used on the Internet because they do not imply a risk of damage or inusability of the web and/or the contents.


The mere exhibition of products and/or services and information about them supplied by the owner of the website or through links to other websites of the mercantile LOPEZ MATENCIO does not in itself imply any commercial activity and transactions or contracts That may occur between the owner of the web and a user will be carried out by means of recruitment other than the web and will be subject, where appropriate, to the legislation and rules applicable to the particular case.

The purpose of the links that appear in this Web is exclusively informative, not assuming, in any case, a suggestion or invitation to the user to visit the websites of destination. LOPEZ MATENCIO will not, in any case, be responsible for the result that can or intends to obtain the Internet user of the webs to which it accesses through the aforementioned links.

The offers, prices, new products of launching to the market, characteristics and in general everything related to the contents of the Web and the links to other websites, in their case described, can be varied at any time by the proprietor without that It assumes no liability whatsoever for such changes or updates that may occur, or for possible or eventual material errors or transcription of such content on the web. All this without prejudice to the holder's compliance with the provisions of the legislation applicable to him.


The contents and information provided by LOPEZ MATENCIO, as well as the contents discharged in the Web through its website and the corresponding links are protected by the applicable international laws and conventions on property matters. Intellectual.

It is prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, making available and, in general, any other act of public exploitation referring both to the Web pages and to its contents and information, without the Express and Prior consent and written by LOPEZ MATENCIO, except that the scope of application and use is the private of the user himself and as long as the transfer does not occur to third parties.

Consequently, all the contents that are shown in the websites and in particular, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other signs susceptible of industrial use and Commercial are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of LOPEZ MATENCIO or third party owners who have duly authorized their inclusion on the Web.

The contents, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that form part of the Web pages, as well as the software necessary for the operation and visualization of the same, constitute also a work in the sense of the copyright and remain, by Protected by the applicable international conventions and national laws on intellectual property. The failure to comply with the above implies the Commission of serious wrongful acts and its sanction by civil and penal legislation.

It is prohibited any act by virtue of which the users of the services or contents may exploit or serve commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, of any of the contents, images, forms, indices and other expressions Forms that form part of the Web pages without prior written permission of LOPEZ MATENCIO.

In particular, and without a thorough nature, acts of reproduction, distribution, display, transmission, retransmission, emission in any form, storage in physical or logical media (e.g. floppy disks or computer hard disk) are prohibited. ), digitization or making available from databases other than those belonging to those authorized by LOPEZ MATENCIO, as well as their translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of such information, images, forms, indices and other Formal expressions or commercial phrases that are made available to users through the services or contents, as long as such acts are subject to the applicable legislation on intellectual, industrial or image protection property.

LOPEZ MATENCIO is free to limit access to the website, and to the services offered.

Any of the technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which a third party may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from each and every one of the contents, forms, indices and other formal expressions that form part of the Web pages, or the effort carried out by LOPEZ MATENCIO for its operation. In particular, it is prohibited any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that can be established in the direction of the Web pages of Lopez MATENCIO, without the prior consent, Express and written by Lopez MATENCIO. Any transgression of the provisions of this point will be considered as an injury to LOPEZ MATENCIO's legitimate intellectual property rights on the Web pages and all the contents thereof.

LOPEZ MATENCIO will not assume any responsibility for consequences arising from the aforementioned behaviors and actions.



The proprietor does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the web or of those other websites with which a link has been established. Likewise, the proprietor shall in no case be liable for any damages that may derive from a) the lack of availability or accessibility to the Web or to those other sites with which a link has been established; B. Interruption in the operation of the Web or computer failures, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads in the telephone lines, in the Internet system or in other electronic systems produced in The course of its operation; C. The lack of suitability of the website for the specific needs of users and D) other damages that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized interference beyond the control of the owner. Likewise, the owner warns that the quality of the disposition of the contents and information on the web and the user's use of the same, depends very much on the fact that the hardware and software of the latter comply with the technical requirements that may be NEC At the discretion of the holder. Therefore, the proprietor is not responsible for the impossibility or deficiency in the disposition of contents or information on the Web or the use of the same by the users if they do not comply with the aforementioned technical requirements.

The holder does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the web introduced by third parties outside the holder that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems of the users or in the electronic documents and files stored in their Systems, such as screensavers or wallpapers. Consequently, the proprietor shall in no event be liable for any damages of any kind which may derive from the presence of viruses or other elements which may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems, documents Electronic or user files. The proprietor does not warrant that unauthorized third parties may not have access to the type of Web use that the user makes or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which such use is made. Accordingly, LOPEZ MATENCIO shall in no event be liable for any damages that may arise from such unauthorized access.

6.2. EXCLUSION OF GUARANTEES AND LIABILITY FOR THE USE OF THE WEBSITE. In no event shall the proprietor be liable for the use that the users and/or third parties could make of the Web or the contents and information, nor of the damages that could derive therefrom. Thus, the holder warns that in the event that in the future there are studies, opinions, reports, etc., included as content on the Web, such contents made by the holder or third parties intend to provide only an orientation that supports the User activity, so the user expressly accepts that in no case the holder assumes any responsibility for any damages that may be caused directly or indirectly by the user's use of such contents and The conclusions drawn from them.

It excludes any responsibility for the decisions that the user may take based on this information, as well as for the possible typographical errors or technical inconsistencies that may contain the documents and graphics that the page had. The information is subject to possible periodic changes without notice of its content by enlargement, improvement, correction or updating of the contents.


7.1. COOKIES. The user clearly and expressly authorizes the proprietor to use, if he deems appropriate, "cookies", when the user accesses and/or uses the Web. Such "cookies" may be voluntarily rejected by the user. The use of these "cookies" by the proprietor will be produced in a dissociated manner, so that a process of association between the user and/or his access device and the personal data of the user will not be carried out. In no case the voluntary rejection of the establishment of "cookies" will impair the possibility of the user to access and use the contents. For more information see cookie Policy.

7.2. LINKS. All those who intend to establish a link, hyperlink between their Web page and this web must obtain the authorization of the holder. In the case of obtaining such authorization (which may be unilaterally revoked at any time), the establishment of the link shall meet the following requirements: a) the establishment of the link in no case may be a reproduction Of the web, but it should only be used to allow access to the Web. In addition, access via the link can only be made to the homepage of the website, in any case to a different page; b) No frame or border environment will be created on the web; c) No false, inaccurate or incorrect demonstrations or indications will be made on the web; D) will not declare or imply that the owner of the website endorses, recommends, supervises or assumes the content or services provided through the Web pages in which the link was established, eluding and waiving the holder to any Responsibility in which the website may incur (its managers, holders, etc.) both by the establishment of the link to the "homepage" of the Web and by the services provided and the content arranged on that website; e) In any case, the authorisation to establish the link will only imply an authorisation to establish the link in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, so in no case shall it imply, without authorization, the possibility of use or disposition on that website In which the link of intellectual or industrial property rights of the holder or of any third party was established. In any case, the Web page in which the link is established may not contain distinctive signs that may induce to understand the existence of an association relationship (since it does not exist) between the services, products and contents arranged and provided on the Web page and Those arranged and rendered through the Web. Also, they may not induce to understand the existence of association (if not exist) between the natural person, legal or entity that manage or owns the Web page and the holder or third party providers of content and/or information on the web; f) The website that establishes the link, during the period that the link is established, will not be able to dispose or to provide services or contents illicit, fraudulent, contrary to the present general conditions, to the good faith, to the good customs and to The rights of third-party content providers on the Web or the holder.


REGISTRATION AS A REGISTERED USER. The website has certain services to which it is necessary to register in order to be able to access. The data provided through the forms enabled in these applications and/or referred services are provided voluntarily, so these data must be true. The user is compromised after his registration to make good use of his user name and password not making it available to third parties. In case of loss of theft or any other risk for access to data by third parties must be communicated to LOPEZ MATENCIO as soon as possible.

The user on the web implies the consent on his part to the treatment of the data by you facilitated by the responsible of LOPEZ MATENCIO.


Atendiendo a lo establecido en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, y al Real Decreto 1720/2007, LOPEZ MATENCIO garantiza la confidencialidad de los datos de carácter personal facilitados como usuario a través de su web www.lopezmatencio.com

A los efectos de lo dispuesto en el artículo 5 LOPD, la Compañía le informa de que los datos de carácter personal que Ud. pueda facilitar a través de ésta página Web, así como cualesquiera otros que sean facilitados a lo largo de la relación contractual con la misma, se integrarán en un fichero titularidad de LOPEZ MATENCIO debidamente inscrito en el Registro de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

Con carácter general, sus datos podrán ser utilizados por la Compañía para la gestión adecuada de los productos o servicios solicitados, envío a través de cualquier canal, incluyendo los medios electrónicos, de información comercial sobre LOPEZ MATENCIO.

Así mismo, se hace expresa mención de que LOPEZ MATENCIO será la destinataria de dichos datos y que los interesados podrán ejercitar sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición en los términos legales, mediante el envío de un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección: info@lopezmatencio.como mediante correo ordinario a la siguiente dirección: C/ Juan de la Cierva, Parcela 27-1C, Polígono Industrial Oeste. CP: 30169 San Ginés, Murcia – a la atención del Responsable Protección de Datos –.

Salvo indicación expresa de los formularios a los que se acceda, la finalidad de la recogida de datos será la de suministrar información acerca de actividades promocionales, publicitarias y novedades de la empresa en general, así como de sus productos en particular, facilitar el contacto con la empresa a los usuarios de la web, gestionar selecciones de personal y/o gestiones de carácter administrativo-económico-comercial que se requieran.

Los datos obtenidos y tratados, estarán en todo momento sujetos a las medidas de seguridad y política de privacidad aprobadas por la compañía de acuerdo con la normativa vigente en cada momento.

Para más información ver apartado POLITICA DE PRIVACIDAD en página web.


If any clause of this legal notice of this website was declared wholly or partly null or void, it will affect only that provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting in everything else, the remainder of the condition of the legal notice and Having such a disposition or part thereof which is affected by non-laying except that, because it is essential to these clauses, it would have to affect them in an integral way.


The holder reserves the right to exercise as many actions as may be available in order to require liability arising from the breach of any of the provisions of this legal notice by a user. The provision of the Web service and the present clauses are governed by Spanish law. To the extent permitted by law, the parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Murcia.

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